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When you live in one of the greenest countries in Europe

More than 70% of Latvia is covered in forest. Skills to work with wood comes in generations and thinking green is what we incorporate in our daily lives. We are sure that products Equip by Caliverse is offering are truly unique, eco-friendly and made with skills gathered and improved over centuries.

Started as fitness app

Caliverse started in 2019 as a bodyweight fitness app. It has more than 300 exercises in library, more than 100 workouts and more than 12 professionally made training plans.

Grew fast

Already in the first months it proved to be successful because even without paid marketing it gathered more and more people from all around the world. Currently Caliverse has more than 65 000 users and it's not stopping there.

Expanded with equipments

In the middle 2020 we started working on wooden calisthenics equipment and now, after a difficult path, we are finally proud to say that first products are launched!

Our story

Caliverse fitness app is created by Daniels - a programmer for life and calisthenics enthusiast. He has trained for the most of his life but never did bodyweight-focused training until a few years back. And that was a game changer. So to fit his needs in calisthenics training Caliverse was made.

Although calisthenics can be done anywhere without any equipment, it actually helps a lot to have some, for example, gymnastic rings or parallettes. While meeting with his good old childhood friend Kristaps, who, by the way, is also really into bodyweight training, they came up with an idea to make a new product line utilising the one thing that Latvia is really professional in - handmade wooden work.

And now, after more than a year of designing, making prototypes, struggling with deliveries and other pandemic-related problems, we are launching Equip by Caliverse wooden eco-friendly calisthenics equipment product line.

We are proud of products we have made and hopefully you will be happy to use them in your daily trainings.

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