Staying green

We are proud about being environment-friendly

We are environment-friendly while maintaining the best quality

We like the world we are living in and the only way to keep it is to think green in every aspect of our lives. That is important for both - individuals and businesses. Equip by Caliverse is focusing on being environment friendly and to not leave any marks in it after manufacturing and selling products.

All our products are mostly made with wood left-overs purchased from bigger companies such as house builders. In this way we help to utilize all wood they have gathered rather than having some part of it being thrown out. In that way we and other companies can use their materials more efficiently.

Products that Equip by Caliverse is offering are not packaged in regular plastic and mostly only recycled cardboard is used. We believe that in order the make a beautiful packaging you don't need to use fancy colors or shiny plastic wraps. Now, beauty comes from thinking about our environment.

We hope that by showing others it is possible to stay eco and environment-friendly when you start a business and grow it, we will make this world greener!

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