Meet UCG

Largest calisthenics group in United Kingdom

A group of professionals and calisthenics enthusiasts

United Calisthenics Group has people with world records, gym owners, coaches, event organisers and those who can do something you have only seen in movies or videos. They know every aspect of calisthenics training and we share their knowledge further through Caliverse.

Charity event in Edinburgh

In 2019 United Calisthenics Group organised a charity event by holding private and group sessions with people, opening a gym for others and collecting money for children hospital in Edinburgh.

UCG in Arnold Fitness Expo in UK

United Calisthenics Group organised calisthenics stand, competition and performances in one of the world largest fitness expos - Arnold Fitness Expo.

Workshops and webinars

United Calisthenics Group shares their knowledge with others through many workshops and webinars organised both in-person in United Kingdom and in online in Caliverse mobile app.

How Caliverse met United Calisthenics Group

When creator of Caliverse had an idea of making calisthenics fitness app, he knew that one of the biggest challenges will be to get good content - exercise videos, professionally made workouts and training plans. He was doing calisthenics himself and could make a program that fits his needs but didn't feel confident enough to do that for others. Not even talking about some insanely hard exercises, like planche straddle push-ups.

He saw videos of Untied Calisthenics Group in social media and contacted them and quickly we made a deal about having exclusive content in Caliverse app. With the help of United Calisthenics Group, now Caliverse has more than 300 exercise videos, more than 100 workouts and more than a dozen training plans made for every level and goal.

Through Caliverse mobile app, people are able to participate in live workout sessions and webinars held by members of United Calisthenics Group. People can choose their coach and have private training and programming directly through app. And coaches can give hometasks to their existing customers through Caliverse. No more spreadsheets needed to make a training plan for customer. And no more going to gym if you need a coach.

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