More than equipment

It's community and lifestyle

It is important for you to not just purchase calisthenics equipment but to actually use it and achieve your goals by having fun and inspiring workouts. That's why we are not just selling you a piece of equipment but giving you this whole experience. So, what comes together in a bundle with every purchase?

Training plans

Most important is to know how to use equipment you just bought. Caliverse mobile app excels at guiding people in their trainings. There are dozens of training plans and many workouts in library to choose from. No matter what your level is, you will find a workout for you. And we are giving a free Caliverse PRO for 30 days for a great kickstart of your trainings.


Community and great people around you is the best way to overcome the struggle and get a daily dose of motivation. Caliverse has great in-app community features to see what others are doing and gather together in a nearby park for a daily workout. And along with that you will be invited you Caliverse Community Facebook group to chat with others and get answers to questions you got.


We are here and not going anywhere after you make a purchase. In case of questions or feedback or if you just want to have someone to talk with - write us an email to or connect to us through our social media - Facebook and Instagram.

In Caliverse we believe that the product is important but not as important as the feeling that you can get from being welcomed and having support when it is needed.

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